As best friends since 2010, A. & C. are bonded by a lust for adventure, knack for mischief, and obsession with rompers. Five years, one summer-of-a-lifetime in London, and hundreds of adventures later, they founded RompWorthy as a place to recant adventures, travel and events, and to share thoughts, favorites and all things worthy of being called “rompworthy”. This blog is the manifestation of an incredible friendship, and all the shenanigans, love, and awesome moments that come with it.

  About A.LinkedIn

Annie, or A. as she refers to herself in posts, is a passion-fueled, gumption-filled digital marketing  professional by day, and an entrepreneur, blogger, and spontaneous oddball by night. She  is passionate about women’s empowerment, travel, disability rights, ice cream, and testing limits.  A  quintessential Pisces, she’s constantly on the lookout for learning opportunities, interesting people, and enriching experiences.

RompWorthy_CarolineAbout C.

Caroline, or C. as RompWorthy fans know her, is an East Coaster at heart, but a case of wanderlust has led her to the Windy City. She  thrives on new inspiration, which often tends to include: travel, the Rolling Stones, adventure, rompers, horses, people, politics, and the outdoors. Her life motto, “I’d rather live a life of ‘oh wells’ than a life of ‘what ifs’”, has driven her to twenty different countries in the past four years… and she’s not stopping anytime soon.

Dig RompWorthy’s branding? It is from the brilliant mind of Paul Abood, Art Director and all around genius. More of his work: here.