As a girl who loves a good adventure, I did not need much convincing to spend a day exploring Nantucket with several creative and inspirational women to shoot Beau & Ro’s fall collection. Elizabeth Shrier is the talented photographer who led us on this adventure, and we owe her all of the credit for the beautiful photos in this post.

Beau & Ro is a handbag company that launched in 2013 by founder, Sara Rossi who had both fashion and function in mind. The brand encompasses all things RompWorthy: adventure, spontaneity, and style. The functionality of the Beau & Ro bags enables you to be spontaneous with your life; you can go from day-to-night or city-to-city with her convertible bags. Rossi’s mission is to liberate women’s hands without sacrificing style. My personal favorite is the New Yorker. This bag converts from a backpack to a tote, and is a great travel companion.



{Wearing: Beau & Ro The New Yorker Tote + Backpack}

Our day started out at Tom Nevers Beach, one of the most remote beaches on the island. There was not a soul in sight, which made it ideal for shooting. Local island artist, Meredith Hanson, who is both brilliant and beautiful, set-up her easel on the beach and got to painting. It was the most perfect day yet on the island.


The Beau & Ro belt bags are the ideal partner in crime for any adventure, even painting! The belt bags are Beau & Ro’s signature design and double as clutches.


{Wearing: Beau & Ro The Grey Lady Belt Bag}

Once we were finished at the beach, we packed up the mimosas and headed to another location with our Beau  & Ro bags in hand.


{Wearing: Beau & Ro The Surfside Flat Clutch + Crossbody}

Don’t let the safari vibes fool you, this is not a scene from “Out of Africa”. We are still on Nantucket, just down the road from Tom Nevers.


 {Wearing: Beau & Ro New Yorker Tote, Beau & Ro Foldover Cross Body, Artemis Design & Co. Kilim Loafers}

After adventuring through the fields of Nantucket, we headed into town to check out some of the beautiful historical homes that line the cobblestone streets.


{Wearing: Beau & Ro The Skinny Dipper Oversized Tote – Taupe}

The colors of Beau & Ro’s fall collection are stunning, especially the Velvet French Blue Clutch + Crossbody. The French Blue pops in front of the Gardiner’s Corner mural located in the center of town. The mural dates back to the mid-1930’s, commemorating locations important to Nantucket and the island’s whaling history.

{Wearing: Beau & Ro Skinny Dipper Oversized Tote Bag; Beau & Ro Clutch + Crossbody}

We had such a fun day with Beau & Ro, and I officially want every bag in the fall collection. If this post has not already convinced you, here are three reasons why RompWorthy has a major Beau & Ro crush:

  1. Made in the USA. We strive to find purposeful and well-crafted brands here at RompWorthy, and Beau & Ro is just that! Beau & Ro is proudly made in the USA and is committed sourcing sustainable materials. Made in the USA means that Beau & Ro is helping to create jobs in the USA.
  2. Function + Fashion. Not only are the Beau & Ro bags adorable, their functionality sets them apart from other brands.
  3. Adventure & travel friendly. The handsfree feature of the belt bag, clutch + cross-body, and tote+ backpack is LIFE CHANGING and are great for any adventure.

You can find more styles on Beau & Ro’s website, or visit them live at the Skinny Dip Nantucket!