It’s no secret that C. and I have a passion for discovering one-of-a-kind, hella-cool brands. So when we discovered REMIXbeauty™ at Dose Market a few weeks ago, I knew it was RompWorthy enough to be shared. According to their website, “REMIXbeauty™ was born out of the private acupuncture and herbal medicine practice of music-journalist-and-magazine-editor turned natural-medicine-practioner Giselle Wasfie, L.Ac., MSTOM.” C. and I got to chat with Giselle at Dose, and learn about REMIXbeauty™ straight from the woman who makes them.

We learned that Giselle is an certified acupuncturist and herbalist, and that she hand-creates every REMIXbeauty™ product herself. This hands-on approach helps her to ensure that every REMIXbeauty™ product is organic, gluten-free and made in the USA. To top it off REMIXbeauty™ products are based on ancient holistic, all natural and non-toxic practices. [[Insert yoga “ommmmmmm”]]

Me being a gypsy-wannabe and C. being an organic guru, REMIXbeauty™ was an instant sweet spot that we had to try for ourselves. As we browsed the selection, Giselle described how each product is named and created for a certain intention. She also gave us the inside skinny about celebrity preferences – apparently Sophia Bush (‘One Tree Hill’ actress) is a big fan.

C. and I both settled on ‘Focus’. I purchased the body oil that contains atlas cedarwood, silver fir and lavender…


And C. purchased the same but in a calming mist.


I especially loved the branded instruction card that came with each bottle. Which reads:

  1. Unwrap Reiki-charted quartz crystal
  2. Hold crystal between palms and set an intention (ex. “help me focus”)
  3. Drop crystal in bottle and shake to activate

My oil sits on my desk at work next to my amethyst crystal (to ward off bad energy), and I rub it on my pressure points throughout the day. My coworkers probably think I’m a nut-job, but I’m really starting to believe in the power of intentions, crystals, horoscopes, and really really good smelling body oil.




P.S. if you’re interested in more? Giselle also offers acupuncture, eastern nutrition consultations and herbal medicine consultations. This woman does it all. Book an appointment on her website at