It’s been almost a year since we last posted, and a lot has changed!

For starters, I recently uprooted my life in Chicago, where I had the world’s most amazing friends and awesome career, to move to the island of Nantucket to pursue a new creative path in entrepreneurship and fashion. Being 26 years young without many responsibilities tying me down, I began to crave more than the comfort that a 9-5 desk job had to offer me. On top of that, I have always had the long term goal of one day running my own small business. So, when an opportunity to work for three young and ambitious entrepreneurs was presented where I would be managing a new boutique on the island, I could not let is pass me by. On top of that, I am able to interact with unique brands and designers every day, allowing me to hone in on the brand marketing that I love. My decision to move was made easier by the fact that I am now back on the East Coast; which is closer to my family and has always been home for me!

What else has happened in the past year? A. has decided to focus mainly on her full time agency career where she is totally crushing it! Sadly, you will not be hearing as much from her, but not to worry, I will continue to use RompWorthy as my creative outlet and source of inspiration.

What can you expect to read?

Since I am working at a new clothing boutique on the island who’s mission is to curate a collection of brands that is dedicated to craftsmanship, you can expect RompWorthy to stay true to it’s own mission! I will be bringing you the latest in up-and-coming designers and brands that have unique backgrounds and purpose.

What else? You can follow my adventures here! Not only am I living and working on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, I will also be traveling over the next several months to other exciting places. Stay tuned as RompWorthy is officially back in action!